Hi! We're busy building a brand new heyiknowyou.org. Until then, nominations for the Ben Yorgey Memorial Award are still open!

2015 Ben Yorgey Memorial Award

Nomination Form – Due March 9, 2015

Criteria Necessary for Consideration of Nominee

  1. Loves people, school, life, and is an active participant in the community.
  2. Registered with the Office of Intellectual Disabilities in the county of residence.
  3. Leaving the school system at 21 years of age.
  4. At time of nomination, not receiving any receiver.
  5. Recommendation accompanying nomination for must come from an educator, parent and/or community partner.

Description of Awards

More than $10,000 is given each year to Ben Yorgey Memorial Award recipients.  There have been 41 recipients since 2010.

Awards under $1000 will be given directly to the award recipient graduate and/or the graduate’s family.

Awards over $1,000 will be given to second party service providers or agencies at the direction of the graduate and/or the graduate’s family.

Award recipients will be chosen by the Ben Yorgey Foundation Scholarship Team, based on the recommendations of educators, parents, and community members.

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